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Fracture series - Trilogy + Omnibus (Premade ebook cover)

Jason Gurley
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Set of four premade ebook covers, terrific fit for a sprawling YA epic series or a horror/fantasy series.

How does this work?

  1. You purchase the covers! (Thank you!)
  2. Reply to your purchase email and provide me with the following information for each of the four book covers:
    1. Author name
    2. Your most significant previous publication (e.g. will appear as "Author of PREVIOUS TITLE" beneath the author name)
    3. The title of each book and its number in the series (e.g. "Panic Attack: Book 1")
    4. The series name (e.g. "The Doomblood Chronicles")
    5. A tagline for each book (keep it short, no more than 10 words; e.g. "They thought they knew evil. They were wrong.")
    6. Blurb or praise, plus who said it (e.g. "A smashing good read!" —The New York Times)
  3. I'll customize the book cover with your info, then send it back to you!

What if I need a paperback/hardcover/audiobook version, too?

Easy! Just click "Add a paperback format" (or whichever format you need). Each format requires a little extra info from you, however.

If you're adding an audiobook format, I'll need these details:

  • Narrator or performer name(s)

If you're adding a paperback format, I will need these details:

  • Paperback size (6x9, 5x8, etc.)
  • Page count for each book
  • Back cover summary of each book
  • Short author bio & photo (optional)

If you're adding a hardcover format, I'll need these details:

  • Hardcover dimensions (9x6, 11x8.5, etc.)
  • Page count for each book
  • Inner front flap summary of each book
  • Inner back flap author bio & photo

What if I need additional formats later, but I don't need them now?

No problem. I keep the source files for these covers indefinitely, so I can always return to them and create a paperback version, a hardcover version, an audiobook version—whatever you need. Just get in touch when you're ready to talk about those formats and we'll square away the details and additional cost.

Can anyone else buy the same covers?

Nope! If you buy this cover series, then you're the only person on the planet who can use it.

What if I have questions not answered here?

No worries. Just message me and we'll sort out any details that aren't covered here.

I want this!

You'll get JPGs of the covers suitable for use in a book listing on your preferred online bookseller, for sharing on social media, etc.


Fracture series - Trilogy + Omnibus (Premade ebook cover)

0 ratings
I want this!